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We represent a number of insurance agencies, and so we can help you find the insurance best suited to you. Unlike car insurance, where the policies are very similar, homeowners policies can vary greatly. They also come in “packages,” giving you coverage for your home and its contents under one premium.
 Types of Policies
There are several different types of policies, and choosing one best suited to you is important. The main kinds are as follows:
  • HO1 Basic or Standard Policy – This has very limited coverage and is little more than a starting point.
  • HO2 Broad Form – This covers basic dangers to a home. For example, fire, lightning, explosions, smoke, hail, aircraft, riot, breaking glass, theft, and vehicular damages are covered by HO2. Additional coverage includes rupture of water or heating pipes, falling objects such as tree limbs, building collapse, limited electrical damage to appliances, and so forth.
  • HO3 Special – Also known as Deluxe or All Risk, these policies are the most common and cover everything in the HO2 and more. Generally, HO3 policies have blanket coverage except for listed exclusions. Typically, these exclusions are wear and tear, termites, rotting, septic tank collapse, flood, war, earthquake, and a few others.
There are further policies which you can inquire about as you feel necessary, including:
  • HO4 Renter's Policy
  • HO5 Enhanced Special Coverage
  • HO6 Condo Policy
  • HO8 Older Home Policy
 Policy Contents
These are the three parts found in most homeowners policies.
1.     Declarations page – Participating parties, what is being insured and for how much, start date, and the premium
2.     Policy Booklet – Details of coverage, lists policy exclusions
3.     Endorsements – Separate pages to change specific sections of the policy
It is generally advisable to save the original policies, as the bill generally only comes with the declarations page and not the entire policy, to be more cost-effective.
Further Insurance
Besides your home, policies will generally cover contents. However, these generally have very specific limits and it is wise to check these beforehand and make sure the coverage is high enough. Such limits are generally:
  • Cash - $200
  • Jewelry - $1,000
  • Firearms - $2,500
  • Silverware - $2,500
Additional coverage may be added for other valuable possessions, including stamp or coin collections, art or musical instruments, camera equipment or collectibles, and so forth.

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